Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in the last decades. It has been growing for a long period, during which a number of new types of destinations has been attracted by its efervescensy and by the positive effects of tourism on the development of various countries and regions. Societies and economies around the world have been increasingly eager to adopt sustainable principles and practices, and tourism, in this context, as a dinamic economic sector, has benefited from the discovery of new resources which could lay the foundation for further growth. Thus, nature-based tourism is now of greater interest, especially since it is a significant component of sustainable development, through its contribution to the innovative and responsible use of existing natural resources. The present study highlights the role of cultural values of different countries which are currently developing their ecotourism sector, from the perspective of the World Value Survey model, showing that societies where tolerance, receptiveness, autonomy, involvement in decision-making processes, civic responsibility and even religious faith are the foundation for the prevailing set of values, the necessary conditions for the development of this type of tourism are to be found as well.

  • Type: Review Article
  • Published on: 15th March, 2022
  • Keywords: Tourism; Tourism based on nature; Values; Sustainability;
  • Pages: 7-15
  • Received: 5th January, 2022
  • Final revision and acceptance: 14th March, 2022
Elena-Lavinia (PĂTRAȘCU) CIUCULESCU, Florin-Alexandru LUCA

Cultural marketing evolved from a set of techniques borrowed from the commercial sector to a relationship-based marketing. This translates into an original, bespoke, and meaningful cultural experience provided to the consumer, while staying true to the objectives advocated by each cultural organization. This article is a literature review aimed at highlighting key phases in the development of marketing in the arts and the cultural events sector. Additionally, the paper analyses some of the challenges that cultural organizations face amidst recent social, economic, and political developments worldwide, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the aging of the population, or the integration of technology, to name a few. Monitoring these phenomena and adapting marketing strategies to confront the effects of major changes is crucial to the survival and development of cultural entities.

  • Type: Review Article
  • Published on: 15th March, 2022
  • Keywords: Cultural marketing; Marketing in the arts; Cultural events sector;
  • Pages: 17-23
  • Received: 4th February, 2022
  • Final revision and acceptance: 14th March, 2022

Carious teeth impair the quality of life and the dental and general health of the child. In addition to tooth eruption, tooth position and enamel formation desorders, children can suffer from pain, eating and language problems and have an increased risk of caries in the permanent set of teeth.

  • Type: Case Study
  • Published on: 28th March, 2022
  • Keywords: Dental caries; Prevention;
  • Pages: 25-30
  • Received: 8th February, 2022
  • Final revision and acceptance: 27th March, 2022